5 WAYS To Size Up a Premium Tequila

Be a True Tequila Bandido

5 WAYS To Size Up a Premium Tequila

Whiskey and scotch, step aside. A new premium spirit experience is in town and has just as much depth and personality. A great tasting tequila is something to be savored and talked about. 

Here at El Bandido Yankee, we believe it should be easy and fun to become a tequila aficionado. Nothing fancy going on here. Just us making outrageously smooth tequila the way it should be made — in the birthplace of tequila and without cutting corners.  

So what does it mean to be an ultra premium tequila? Here’s just a few of the ways El Bandido Yankee tequila stands out in the premium tequila category.  Next time you’re breaking out the bandido with friends, toss a few of these fun facts into the convo.


While there are more than 200 types of agave grown in Mexico, tequila is only made from one variety, blue weber agave. At El Bandido Yankee, we care about sustainability and flavor, which means we hand select only the finest and fully mature blue weber agave to ensure a higher concentration of agave sugars. These beauts can take anywhere from 5 to 8 years to mature. 

Our agave is selected by jimadores, who are skilled harvesters adept at knowing when an agave plant has reached the ideal maturity. They use a long-handled knife called a coa to cut back the leaves to reach the piña, or heart of the agave, which resembles a giant pineapple. Only the piñas are used to produce tequila. The leaves of the agave are saved and used to make food, fiber and even musical instruments. 


Fine wine producers talk a lot about terroir, which refers to how geography can influence a product’s aromas and flavors. An agave’s terroir is also a key factor in its flavor profile, especially considering how long agave takes to grow. 

Let’s travel back about 20,000 years, when a volcanic eruption resulted in the red, iron-rich soil of Jalisco’s Los Altos region, also known as the Highlands. We harvest agave only from these Highlands, which are about 6,000 feet above sea level with cooler temperatures and low humidity. This specific combo of climate, altitude and soil grow extraordinarily flavorful agave plants with more delicate, floral profiles. 


El Bandido Yankee tequila is confirmed 100% additive-free. When we say zero additives, zero masking, we mean it. Some so-called premium brands will sneak in additives. As long as the additives account for less than 1%, a tequila maker is still legally allowed to market tequila as 100% agave.

But we believe in offering an authentically pure taste, even if it takes longer. El Bandido Yankee tequila is a clean, all natural spirit, which is something tequila drinkers should demand and expect in a luxury tequila. Additives, even the tiniest amount, can cloud the natural flavors of fully mature blue weber agave.


Where and how your tequila is made speaks to its authenticity. At El Bandido Yankee, we support centuries-old craftsmanship. Our tequila is handmade, from field to bottle, at El Viejito Distillery in Atotonilco El Alto, Jalisco. It’s a place steeped in history that cares about preserving tequila making traditions and the nearby lands that grow the agave.

When choosing your premium tequila, be choosy about how it’s made. For El Bandido Yankee tequila, every step and detail of the process matters. Explore our craftsmanship and learn how we preserve robust flavors, from slow roasting the piñas for 40 hours in traditional hornos ovens to the extra care we take fully oxygenating the tequila before it’s bottled or aged. 


When made with the finest agave and authentically handcrafted, tequila is an incredibly versatile spirit.

A smooth tasting spirit like El Bandido Yankee can of course stand on its own and is delicious on the rocks or neat. Our Blanco expression is refreshing, with slight hints of citrus, pepper and vanilla. Our Reposado has a warmer presence, with herbal, vanilla and toasted oak notes. How would you describe them?

Our expressions also can perfectly amp up a cocktail, whether it’s a classic Paloma or a more complex concoction. Check out our delectable recipes if you want some inspo.

Feeling like it’s time to sip and savor? Grab our premium tequila , grab some friends and seize the moment.

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